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Market Research


At CleInsight, our objective is to ensure you get the information you need to make educated decisions.

Our market research simplifies how traditional market research companies operate – where our fast and efficient consumer surveys give you accurate results from your target audience that you can analyze on our platform and make data-driven decisions.



Data is great, but informed, accurate, and relevant data from your exact target audience is how you move into your growth potential. Our system examines participants and answers to ensure accuracy and helps you ask the right questions to the right people for accurate business intelligence and analytic.



Our detailed reports help you make sense of the data and turn unrefined information into business intelligence. In addition, you'll have access to data visualization and analytic tool in your dashboard for instant insights and easy-to-read reports.



We've got access to an audience network of over 6 million participants, ready to answer your business's questions. You can precisely target the demographic or psychographic audience group you need and ask them the question you need to be answered. Each survey is designed for real people, catering to their attention span.



Get your insight and results in weeks to make moves when they have the most impact, not when your consumers' needs change. Our fully digitized system allows you the advantage that you can use to get ahead of your competitors.


Market research made easy

At CleInsight, we design the surveys in a gamified process that generates excitement and the willingness to contribute in the audience's mind.

Our survey programs are designed to help you with the following tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Consumer Journey Diagnostic

  • Brand health & reputation check

  • Academic, Political & Public Affairs

  • Research Youth, Family & Social Drivers

If you have any customized research needs in mind, we can also make that a reality.

Are you interested to learn more about our approach to Market Research?