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Feedback System

Listen to who matters the most

Our aim is to become the bridge between your consumers and you to provide you valuable data to ensure your business success.

Requesting and retrieving feedback from consumers is a highly undervalued resource. While it benefits you to learn about your audience’s experiences, wants and demands directly, it also enables them to feel heard, respected, and appreciated. Cleinsight facilitates a two-way communication experience for your brand and your audience, where their trust and your knowledge of what they want builds the pillars of your success.

Know your audience

Know your audience

Aligning your product or service offering & marketing to precisely what your customers need allows you to capitalize on the market's full potential. Our feedback system discovers exactly how they feel about your product or service and gives you the insight required to keep them coming back.

Learn About Leaks in Customer Experience

Learn About Leaks in Customer Experience

Knowing where customers lose interest in your product journey or what makes them dissatisfied with your product or service allows you to make much-needed changes to increase your sales and overall customer satisfaction. Our system discovers this information about your audience and the success of each touchpoint to improve conversations.

Test New Products or Services

Test New Products or Services

In place of going through all the lengthy and costly steps of product development and launching a new product to the market, through accurate feedback, you can discover how your target audience reacts to your new products and services before the release.

Uncover hidden insights

Uncover hidden insights

You can analyze the feedback against your customer demography and behavioural or psychographic information to uncover valuable insights that otherwise might go unnoticed. Discovering these hidden patterns and relationships will enable you to grow your customer base with focused communication and product offering unlike never before.

Find the best way to reach

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More For Less

You can get all the features in one place

  • Multiple topic-specific feedback form creation

  • Analytics tool

  • One-click report export

  • Result visualization on Dashboard

  • Access data from past participations

  • Bulk contact upload

  • Personalized UI for your Brand

  • If needed Incentive your participants

  • Use our predefined questions

  • Embed our form where ever you need

  • Multiple user accounts for your organization

  • Scheduled feedback collection

Are you ready to collect Feedback from your customers?