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Favourite soft drinks brand in Bangladesh

Cleinsight - August 8, 2022 - 0 comments

In recent times, many soft drinks brands have become popular with people of different age groups. At present, Bangladesh has a very competitive market for soft drinks; invariably soft drinks companies that want to be successful should understand the evaluation, preference and buying behavior of customers, as well as the factors which influence the consumers in buying a specific soft drink brand.

Cleinsight conducted a survey to find out about soft drinks preference. The total participant in the survey was over 4000, and we had participants from all over Bangladesh.

It was possible to confirm that people in Bangladesh have a higher evaluation and preference for Coca-Cola than any other brand.

Favourite soft drinks brand

We had two clear standouts from the survey – Coca-cola and 7 up. While the rest were lagging.  

1911 people, 45% of all responses showed people preferred Coca-cola as the best soft drink, followed by 7up at 32%, a response of 1334. After a considerable gap in a separate cluster, we can find sprite at 6.3% no. of responses at 264 and Pepsi at 5.9%, with 245 responses. Pran-cola at 4.8% with 198 responses. At the same time, mojo at 4% was close to Pran-Cola with 166 responses. Finally, RC cola at 1%, taking the last place with only 45 of the total responses.

They collected the data from June to July 2022.